Atricles from the experts .

While standing in the middle of a local plant nursery, it hits you, you know little to nothing about plants.  You have spent months planning the perfect garden wedding.  Your day, the day you've dreamed of since childhood is getting closer, but the garden does not yet have the ‘look' you dreamed it would.

     Everything else is in place.  The one thing left to do is choose plants that will give the best color for your fall wedding.  Which plants?  There are so many to choose from.

     Hopefully, you have planned far enough in advance so that you can plant them in the ground, giving them plenty of time to settle into their new home.  If you do not have time for that or if your ceremony will be held on property that does not belong to you, choose plants that will live in pots.

     The variety of decorative urns, pots, pedestals and hanging baskets are endless.  You are certain to find something that will work with the tone of your wedding.  Using something as simple as a plastic five gallon bucket turned upside down, covered with pretty fabric and wrapped in a ribbon.  Perhaps, use two buckets, a smaller one on top of the five gallon bucket to make it taller and set a potted plant on top.  No one will ever know that your pretty pedestal is a cheap bucket wrapped in beautiful fabric.  Use your imagination.  For inspiration, take a walk around the barn or a junk store in your area.


     Setting potted plants on rocks around the garden will also work.  If there are no rocks in your garden, they are easily created.  Yes, you can build a rock that is perfectly sized for the area you will set it in.  Many knowledgeable people can be found in the Amalinda Garden.


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